8 February 2014

Benefit Hello Flawless Foundation in Champagne | Review

I was lucky enough to get these samples from Benefit to try their Hello Flawless Foundation (link) rrp £25.50 in the colour Champagne.
The foundation applied perfectly, and I found over my primer it looked amazing for the first few hours. Much to my disappointment, I found it very drying and then patchy where the coverage wasn't that great, it showed some area's of dryness and the red colouring came through on my cheeks and that was literally after 2 hours. As you may know if you are a reader of my blog. I do need a full coverage foundation and sadly this one just wasn't for me.  If your skin is fairly blemish free and not dry, and you prefer a light coverage, this may be a foundation for you but sadly for me, its not a foundation I'd purchase or be using again.

Have you tried the Hello Flawless Foundation by Benefit?
What did you think?
Would love to read your thoughts!

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  1. Im yet to see a good review on this foundation lol x


    1. Oh really? I haven't heard too much about it but then, it wasn't on my radar as I only keep my eye out for high coverage foundations, though I thought one must try! If i didn't have redness and stubble and shaving rash to cover.. and if my skin was oily i'd of probably liked it.. but sadly was a thumbs down :( shame though as the colour was spot on!

  2. I like a light coverage foundation but my skin is super oily. Do you think it would just slide off my face (attractive)!?

    Steph xx


    1. Hey Steph! I think If you like a light coverage and don't have problems with blemishes etc then this could be a great foundation for you. The foundation itself that I got in my tester, I found quite runny, so potentially ( depending on how oily your skin is ) you might not enjoy the application of the foundation with blending and buffing it into the skin but results wise, after its on your skin for an hour - 2 hours or so, you may like it! I'd maybe say after applying it, apply a matte all over powder I know there are so many high street / drugstore cheap ones but im sure if you have oily skin you know all about matte powders :P If you aren't sure Pop into your local benefit and ask for a sample. you can get colour matched there and ask for some to take away with you so you are able to apply it at home with your own tools etc and you can see how you get on with it before purchasing!

      If it turns out your champagne like me, you can have my freebies to use :D xxx

  3. For the price you'd think they'd have better reviews on this foundation.

    Its not something I'd try. Looks really orange.
    Anyhoo's just stopping by (finally) to take a peek at your blog. Followed you back on GFC :)

    Your blog is lovely! Take care

    Sammeh x

    1. haha the colour was great on tbh but I've been amazed by the bad feedback this foundation has got!

      Hope you are well hun! xx

  4. That sucks so much! I've been seeing it around a lot lately and just assumed it was because it was good. And helloooo such cute packaging! I definitely won't be trying it out though as I have really bad hyper pigmentation and redness so when I apply foundation I want it to be staying aaaall day. Thanks for the review! :)

    Deb | Debra Bros Blog

    1. Glad I may have saved you several pennies there then as you wouldn't like this foundation! Do yo mind me asking what you use at the moment? As a fellow redness and hyper pigmentation sufferer i like to be nosy and always try new things :P


  5. I used to wear this and liked it for a wee while sort of, saying that it was only the second sort of high ens make up i wore, but it then continued to pull my dry patches out and as my skin got worse the coverage just wasnt great and I would need a good full coverage make up. When I started working for Lancome I finally found it and also loving the new Teint Miracle that will be out and launching officially on Wednesday.

    Rachael x
    All The Little Things x | Rachael McClenaghan

  6. I tried a sample of this and really didn't like it. I love benefit but their face products (foundations, primers) never seem to like my skin!

    Rebecca Coco


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