22 January 2014

Weight Loss Wednesday | Week 4

Hi Beauties :D

Its Weight Loss Wednesday again which means lots of great inspiring posts to read from the ladies also deciding to get fitter this year!

Lets start with my favorite part and find out how I got on in week 3 last week before I talk about what my new week 4 has in store for me!

Week 4  Weight and measurements

Weight : 22s 5lbs (313 lbs) 
4 lbs lost this week. That's now a  total : 13 lbs Lost.

woohoooo 1 pound away from my first stone :D

Neck : 18.7 inches  18 inches (0.7 lost)
Waist : 59.7 inches  59 inches (0.7 lost)
Hips : 55.2 inches   54.7 inches (0.5 lost)
Underbust : 49.1 inches
R Bingo Wing ( tricep): 17.9 inches  17.2 inches ( 0.7 lost)
L Bingo Wing : 17.9 inches 16.8 inches (0.9 lost)
R Thigh (middle of thigh) : 32.9 inches 31.4 inches ( 1.5 lost ) 
L Thigh : 32.1 inches  31.2 inches ( 0.9 lost )

So a total of 1.1   5.9  inches lost all together :)

I couldn't be more happier with the results I'm getting! in 3 weeks I've lost 13 lbs and 5.9 inches off my body! That is literally ALL from just changing what I eat and sticking to the calories set to my weight and height to lose 2lbs a week. it just goes to show how much overeating on my calories I was doing before to show such a difference in just 3 weeks. 

I'm certainly not going to try to lose a stone every month. but 1 pound at a time I will get healthier and feel better with each and every one shed!!!

This past week I have been having fruit on waffles for breakfast at work.

It tastes so amazing and always looks like such a treat!
I got a bag of frozen berries from asda and separated them into 5 little freeze bags so I could defrost them as and when I wanted them. They are separated into portions so I can add them to my calories with ease. Each bag was only 56 calories, but the waffles add it up to bumph out the meal. I'll then end up pouring a muller light yogurt over it which is only 99 calories and its a very yummy naughty feeling breakfast :D

Week 4

Although weight day for a lot of the girls doing Weight Loss Wednesday is today, My weigh day is actually Sundays as I started a few days before the new year. So I'm mid week at the moment and I've actually put on 1.5 lbs haha It's been a hectic week and I went out for dinner and went over my calories a lot but now I cant seem catch up with myself so need to be extra strict till Sunday as I'd LOVE to hit my milestone on Sunday if I can lose just 1 more pound! So I'm off on Friday and am going to attempt a little jog / run. I can't do a lot of exercise as I had a ski accident and buggered up my legs and my circulation isn't very good so If I walk to much or run or put excessive pressure on my legs, they will ache and the capillaries will burst so.. need to take it slow if I'm doing exercise outside of a gym! Though will be joining the gym soon :D
How was your following week? I hope you ate well and if you did slip, I hope you enjoyed it and didn't punish yourself too much, here's to having a good week next week! :D

Don't forget ladies Let me know either by email at fatbeautyx@gmail.com or you can message me on twitter at @fatbeautyx and let me know of any weight loss or inches lost for you this week before our chat tomorrow so I can totally them up and announce it in the chat :D

Here is my tracker, If you click on it, it takes you to my My Fitness Pal page where you can add me if you are a member! If you aren't a member, then you could be :P

Some Motivational pictures I <3'd this past week!

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  1. You're doing so well, keep it up! x


  2. I also started a diet almost 2 weeks ago and im already seeing such a difference, this was so inspiration to me because when I see other people achieve something like this it makes me think 'Oh, I can do this too'.

    1. Thanks so much Aleyna! I'm glad it can inspire you :D You can do whatever you put your mind ( and body) too haha :)


  3. Congratulations on losing (almost) a stone already Luc! Are you doing workouts or mainly focusing on diet at the moment??

    Jenn Barely There Beauty | UK Beauty Blog


    1. Thanks Jen, Yeah just like I said at the start of my post, this is just from dieting at the moment, no working out. I sometimes walk home anyway so it's not considered excercise as its part of my routine. Can't wait to join the gym, just waiting for bills to be paid so I can commit to joining! xx

  4. You can get that little punk pound. Just stick to what you've been doing, because obviously that's been working!! Still happy to see these updates! Totally inspiring.

    Much Love,
    -Stephanie Eva

    1. haha well right now this punk pound is multiplying to 2 punk pounds! haha whatever happens weigh day, I wont let it phase me! i've lye got far too many pounds to lose to worry about 2 this early on. THEY'RE COMING OFF....maybe just not this week :P


  5. Thats such amazing progress hun, inspirational x


    1. Thanks Laura, Feel a bit of a phoeny knowing im having such a bad week this week! AH well, gotta have our bad weeks to make us strive for the good ones! :D xxx

  6. You're doing so well! Good luck for reaching your first milestone! I loved reading your post, I'm considering joining the Gym too, just need to work out if I can afford it right now :(


  7. 13lbs! I'm so proud of you! :) Too many people put emphasis just on exercise but you're proving that diet is a massive part of it too. Can't wait for you to hit that first stone mark! :D

    Alana | Alana Gets Healthy


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