8 January 2014

Weight Loss Wednesday | Week 1 & 2

So lets jump right on in. As much as I love the junk in my trunk, I have far too many wobbly bits for my liking, This year, instead of saying I want to go on a diet, I've simply made the promise to myself to eat better and drink more water. Undoubtedly this is a diet I know, but if I'm being honest ( lets start as we mean to go on ) I need to lose alot more then what a diet can help me with. I need a new way of eating, a Lifestyle change, I don't want to call it a diet. I want to call it what it is. A new eating plan, A better way of living.
So, with that said,  Happy Weight Loss Wednesday Ladies :)

I had debated if I wanted to share this on my blog. What if I have a bad week and put weight on? I don't want to look like a piggy to all my followers and I think, that's the exact reason why I AM doing this openly. I don't  think I'm the only 20+ stone Plus size girl blogging and I'm the only blogger this year that wants to shed a few pounds ( or in my case, a few stone ). So why not post about it and post about meals that I've had that week, what I've eaten or drank or pictures I've found motivational. I'm not really bothered about people knowing my weight or hip measurements. It's about reaching a goal, a healthier me and getting to share that and find other bloggers doing the same so we can motivate each other.

Jennifer has started doing #BloggersWLW. We post a weekly weight loss wednesday post and it can be from help or tips to encouragement and motivation. There is a new chat on twitter starting using the #BloggersWLW on Thursdays at 8pm. This will be a perfect opportunity to help motivate each other, share our wednesdays post and get ideas for the next weeks post. If you are interested, please vist Jennifers post about WLW and you can join the other links on the page to see what other girls are taking part :) 

So if any of you are looking to get fitter, be healthier and lose weight, I hope you stick around or leave your own links in a comment below. There is safety in numbers & I'd love the support of my followers!

Week 1 - Starting Weight and measurements

Date Started 30th December ( I wanted to do it before 1st jan :P )

Weight : 23s 4lbs (326lbs)
Neck : 18 inches
Waist : 59 inches
Hips : 58 inches

I'm going to be using the app My Fitness Pal ( there is a website for this if you don't have a smart phone )

This is an app I have used in the past and keeps track of calories. I signed up, entered my weight, height and answered questions about my current exercise routine and it gave me 1720 Calories for a day.

 if you know the calories or by searching or by using the scanner it finds it for you! It's super easy to use and I just leave myself 5 mins to calorie everything up and as it remembers all of it, it's easy to find again quickly!

Online there is a forum and you can look for help and motivation there but I'm quite happy to plod along and do it on my phone! I'll put my tracker link below so if you start using it you can add me as a friend and we can see each others progress and egg each other on :)

So now its been 7 days and I've stuck to my calories and entering it in my phone. I still had chocolate. A 2 finger kitkat is 107 calories so as you can see, it's not like I cant eat anything yummy. I even went to dinner in pizza express and my meal came to under 800 calories so you CAN eat what you want, It's just a case of adding up the calories and using them wisely :P

Week 2 -  Weight and measurements

Weight : 22s 11 lbs (319 lbs) 

So in my first week I've lost 7lbs which is half a stone! I'm chuffed to bits and it's been pretty easy. I suppose it will be as I'm on alot of calories to start with and it's only going to get harder so I plan on eating my calories, and I have it set for a 2lbs a week loss but It just goes to show how much I was overeating if I can lose this much in the first week.

I'll be doing the main measurements once a month, The app only asked for Neck, Waist & Hips but I might add in thigh's and bingo wings to start with next week so I can keep track of those too!

Here is my tracker, If you click on it, it takes you to my My Fitness Pal page where you can add me if you are a member! If you aren't a member, then you could be :P

Some Motivational pictures I <3'd this past week!

other ladies doing WLW :)

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  1. I love it!!! I'm already feeling so motivated from reading our members' posts! I think (although scary) it's so good you're being so open about your journey, I think it'll hold you accountable and make you stick to it in fear of "letting us down" (you never would, even if you messed up!) I'm going to be using MFP too, such a good way to log things. CONGRATULATIONS on your 7lbs already Lucie, that's such an amazingggg start!! and love your motivational pics :)

    Jen Barely There Beauty | UK Beauty Blog


    1. Thanks Jen! I'll be adding everyones links and commenting on their posts today if they have them up! :D Think its important to stick together and give each other support!!!

      Thankyou for the congrats I'm on the right path! we will have to add each other on MFP :D keep each other in check xxx

    2. Absolutely! I actually got really excited this morning at the prospect of checking out everyones' posts to see who had posted already and what about! I think/hope this is going to be a tight knit web of support :) ohh that hadnt even crossed my mind good idea!!!! I'm jnnfrch on MFP if you wanna add me :) xx

  2. Love it, I think it's great that you're being so open about your weight loss journey because it means that others who are maybe in the same situation as you can be motivated to get up and get fit. Congratulations on losing 7lbs already that's a great start :) Hope we can all keep each other motivated and support each other through our weight loss journey :) xx

    1. Thanks hun! I hope it does motivate others and encourages others to know they are not alone on their journey to get fit! :D

  3. Such a good start!! I'm in the same boat I want to loose stones not just a few pounds! and it's great to have someone else to relate to having the same goal for a lifestyle change as well! as I too debated on whether i wanted to share this! Also wanted to say I loved your boots calender christmas series and it's definitely made me want to feel the fear but do it anyway with regard to doing youtube videos so thankyou! love the motivational pics too
    Amy - notanotheroneamy.blogspot.com

    1. Thanks for such a lovely comment Amy, have just popped over to your post and left you some love :)
      I think I'm going to do it 1 stone at a time. 14 lbs a go. I don't want to get bogged down saying I wanna lose 5 stone ( any loss right now is a good start aslong as its onwards and downwards Im happy with a 1lbs loss each week!

      I'm so pleased you liked my videos. I just sort of thought.. fuck it :P I get asked my advice and opinion all the time, so why not air it on a public forum in video form :P


  4. Love the idea of having an update! I hope you stay strong but don't feel like you need to lose weight to feel beautiful, because you are! Just do it because you want to feel better! Looking forward to the next couple weeks.

    Much Love,
    -Stephanie Eva

    1. Thankyou Gorgeous! What a lovely thing to say! I know I am beautiful, I know in all my double chin and bingo wings glory I'm glorious.. I just know I can be better :) xxx

  5. Totally love this! I'm the same as you I feel as if because I'm "documenting" it online for people to see I'll not go off the rails as much, and just think if I have an off day it's not the end of the world - I'm excited to see how we all get on.

    Natalie xxx

    1. Thanks for your comment hun! Documenting it can be a blessing and a curse! certainly makes eating the bad stuff seem that much worse if you have to announce it haha hopefully this will keep me going!

      I'm of the mindset, I need to lose weight I didn't put it on in a day, so it's not going to come off in a day. But in order to lose it, I have to work hard. Now I know if I treat myself every now and then and enjoy it and then carry on, It will enable me to go forward on this journey. If i just cut it out, I'll only crave it, then binge, then go down a spiraly slope and fall off the bandwagon! So yes, A treat once a week, to be enjoyed to the maximum, Then back to normal diet :)


  6. I love the motivational pictures. Welldone you have had a great start, Im glad we are all doing it together keeping each other motivated :)
    Laura x

    1. Thanks Laura, It's amazing how pictures can keep us going and get us motivated! I'm glad we are all in this together too!


  7. I adore your blog! So inspirational! I have nominated you for the Sunshine Award on my blog and followed! Check out my blog tomorrow to see your questions!


  8. You're bloody beautiful and so proud of you! We can motivate one another and I think you're insanely brave for putting your story and self out there, you're such a lovely person xx

    1. Love you Sam <3 Can't wait to see you sunday x

  9. Good luck with this babe! I wish I could find the motivation to do more exercise would love to be a bit fitter! But alas I'm too lazy...


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