19 January 2014

Kiko Mixing Soloution | review

Hello beauties,

Do you have an eye shadow that you just love but it's just not as bold as you want? perhaps its a glitter one and the glitter goes everywhere and you spend ages using wipes or water or even *we've all done it* lick your brush before you use it. I know in the past I'd often put my Mac fix + spray on a brush before dabbing it on my desired eye shadow but I have now found a new product that does it So much better then all of those methods combine.

I have been talking alot about the brand Kiko lately, I have tried a few of their products and loved them all, and it's made me want to try more and see if this is a brand that I could really invest some money into. The more I use their products the deeper I fall in love. Their shadows are super pigmented, their primers really work, their nail polishes are to die for and I'm still yet to try their lipsticks or foundations but I'm not gonna lie, I'm certainly interested in going in next time to see if they have a high coverage foundation!

I digress, To day I wanted to talk to you about Kiko's Mixing solution. It's ideally made for pigment loose eyeshadow but can be used with any shadow to help intensity and brightness for even more colour!
Its a water glycerin based product so its going to give the eyeshadow a sense of creaminess which is great when blending on the eye and perfect for hold!

One of the palettes I'm loving at the moment is Urban decays Naked 3. I love the colours but which sometimes they had more of a pop so these are just the type of shadows you could use a bit of the mixing solution with to enhance that colour.

I used the colour strange and applied a bit on the right, then added some to my hand and used the shadow again and already you can see what I mean. The texture, colour and coverage couldn't be more different.

all in all I'm using this now almost all the time, i've personally been putting it on my brush rather then on my lid, just a dot or 2 on my hand and dabbing the brush in and then dabbing the eyeshadow and POP :)

Kiko Mixing Soloution £3.90 (link)

Comments - Affordable, Great product, perfect for travel size and will last a while. If this isn't in your make up collection it should be!

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  1. Wow for £3.90 this looks amazing! I'm also seriously lusting after a Naked palette... why must I be so poor. *cries*

    I always wanted to go on a partying holiday as well, but when I hit 18 in 2012 the novelty of going out drinking soon wore off haha. Lovely post and I love the layout of your blog, it's so pretty!


    1. Oh Chloe I tell you its amazing! :D

      Thankyou very much! I did the layout myself, I'm forever changing it but im loving it at the moment :)


  2. So affordable, and you get great results! x


    1. Can't believe how cheap Kiko are for such value! x

  3. This is exactly what I need! Think I'll be purchasing this soon :D Thanks for sharing!
    Bea x
    Bea's Beauty Blog

  4. Need to find this.

    1. Hey Aleyna, If you are close to London, I'd save yourself the £6 postage that will take 2 weeks and i'd get yourself to their london store :D xx

  5. wow ....i am impressed ! such a great stuff :) xx

  6. So cheap and such good results! Bet your pleased my love!!
    xxx | daisydaisyxxo


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