30 December 2013

Kiko Nail Laquer - 438 Fascinating Burgundy | Review

Kiko Nail Laquer - 438 Fascinating Burgundy (link) £3.99

I Got Kiko's Nail Polish in Fascinating Burgundy for christmas from my mum after picking up this item amongst some other Kiko bits that you can see in my What I got for Christmas post HERE

I remember being draw to these glitter polishes in the Oxford Street store and seeing several beautiful colours and though I'm not much of a pink fan in the terms of colour I tend to be drawn to it for lipsticks and Nail polishes ( I promise you one day I'll share my polish collection haha ..one day :P

I was gutted I didn't get a picture of the swatch when I first popped this on my list of things to post about and it was only when painting my nails the other day It didn't matter, Because these pictures are just as good as the swatch... This is 1 coat ladies! 1 mother lickin' coat! Sadly not all of the colours in the glitter range were as pigmented with 1 coat so I ended up just getting this one.

Now If you are a nervous nail painter, I appreciate you will pick up your brush from the varnish pot and brush it against both sides of the bottle to get off 3/4 of the products and then go to paint your nail, I myself, I'm quite confident when painting mine and Ill shake my bottle, take the brush and swirl it round to get ample product on the brush, then wipe 1 side leaving me with product on the other side of the brush. ( did you get that? haha) With that, I'd apply it to my nail and distribute it by painting down the middle, then bringing it down each side. I never mind getting any on my skin as I'll go back round with a cotton bud or even a cuticle stick to clean all the edges.

The nail varnish leaves a glittered textured feel so if you did want something more smoother, any clear or top coat will be fine to put over it.

The colour is a translucent pinky scarlet colour with dark electric pink flakes of glitter that when they pick up the light, shine a brighter electric pink and silver. The polish is JAM packed with glitter which is why my first coat came out like it did. You could be sparing with this and get a lighter colour but I prefer a full covered glitter nail! This will be great for new years! :D

 Kiko Nail Laquer - 438 Fascinating Burgundy Review (link) £

Colour - The colour is gorgeous, I could build it up more of use less and get a different result!
Brush - The  brush is a thin one like Barry M / OPI
Chip - ive had mine on 4 days now and there is not alot of signs of chipping.
Comments - I've only 4 starred this as It's a shame not all the colours in the glitter range are as bright and in your face as this one. But thats not to say I wont go back and try them again and see :)

Thanks so much for reading my review! Is this a colour you would get?
Do you have one similar? What did you think of it!
Let me know below beauties! :D



  1. I love this nail polish, it looks gorgeous!

    1. Thanks for your comment Melissa! It really is such a gorgeous colour! xx

  2. That reminds me of a really pretty 'holiday toes' colour haha!
    Bea x


    1. haha I know what you mean, Think ill be doing my tootsies this colour too! :) xx

  3. Replies
    1. thanks hun! Can't wait to see all the other nail of the weeks go up! :) x

  4. I love this colour, it is so nice.x Shall we follow fionasavagee.blogspot.ie

    1. thanks Fiona, I'm not following you on g+ and bloglovin xx

  5. Oooh nice. I love a snazzy pink. It came out so well! Grrrr. Don't tempt me into buying this... xx

    1. Can't wait to see you soon Nadja! xxx

  6. wow nice colour its so gorgeous. Definitely I will buy this

    Jarin | colaz.co.uk


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