4 December 2013

Hair-spiration | Help me choose how to have my hair!

Well hello my beauties, Thanks for taking the time to help with my Beauty Dilemma.

I want to change my hair colour and who better to ask then you honest lovely lot!

Let me take you on a little journey on how I've buggerd up my hair with colour through years of working in Headmasters and colouring my barnet till now, where I have gotten too reserved and chopped it all off and feel like a boring Betty with this all over dark colour.

I want something new and exciting and luckily one thing I HAVE been blessed with, is being able to pull off any hair colour. It's all confidence! 

My hair history in pictures:
Black - L'Oreal, Majirel in 1 Black (link)
Teal - Stargazer in Tropical green (link)

Black - L'Oreal, Majirel in 1 Black (link)
Blue - Crazy Colour in Sky Blue (link)

Black - L'Oreal, Majirel in 1 Black (link)

Black - L'Oreal Majirel in 1 Black (link)
Pink- L'oreal Majirell in 666 Red (link)  used with water on its own. It stained my hair this gorgeous Bright pink and enabled me to top it up when it ever got dull with Crazy Colour - Pinkissimo (link)

Black - L'Oreal, Majirel in 1 Black (link)
Teal - Stargazer in Tropical green (link)

Burgundy - Schwarzkopf LIVE Color XXL Luminance L76 Ultra Violet (link)
Black - L'Oreal, Majirel in 1 Black (link)

All over colour - Schwarzkopf LIVE Color XXL in Damson win (link)

Red - Stargazer in Fire Red (link)
Brown - A Random chocolate brown

Bleach bathed and then used Stargazer in Fire Red (link)

I Know i had a Live red on this, and it started fading all over So i got some bleach and just did the ends and then put some Stargazer Pinkissimo on the ends.

Black - L'Oreal, Majirel in 1 Black (link)

and now my hair is like this :
My hair is naturally curly so I'll either style it straight or with volume.

So you have seen some of the ways I styled and had my hair over the past 5 years and now, as you can see, this is rather tame for me and I miss my funkyness. I'd love your opinion on what you like, what you don't like, and what  you think might suit me. So here are some options I'm considering all of which will basically mean I'm bleaching the ends and ombre it like below 

All these below are then funky colours I like to go over it. So my all over colour will be Black with coloured ombre ends... but what colourrrrrrr?!?!

I quite like a Blue/Purple Indigo kind of colour like this one on the left and the middle ombre'd part on the pic on the right. Love this shade.

Green is my fav colour and I LOVE this colour green, Obviously not all over but on the ends as an ombre from the black would look AMAZING.

I also love this colour. It's not quite red or pink, its inbetween so it feels a bit more classy I think. I think this would go great with my skintone aswell.

I think if I was going to do more of an ombre ( as in take the bleached colour further up my hair maybe from my ear down, I'd totes do this dark purple to a lilac.

Lastly... Blue. I loved my blue before though this would be a whole new kind of bright blue. Think blue and black always look great!

I generally wear alot of nutural colours, purples, bronzes etc on my eyes so all of these colours would go and compliment my skintone, and tbh I can sort of do the transition anyway, Go purple to blue to green if I cant make my mind up :)

OOOOOOOO I'm so excited!!!!! I'll be bleaching my hair tonight when I get home in preparation and do a silver shampoo If needed.

For anyone reading this that isn't really in the know about bleaching and what you would do to achieve these results, I thought I'd give you some information. As a qualified Hairdresser I have had the privilege to work with many brands both Highend and Highstreet. You can achieve practically any colour you want. Its about knowing how to set the foundation for it and how to look after your hair to maintain it. Now I wont go into TOO much detail, but if anyone of you want to know more, please just comment below and I can do a more descriptive post to cover any and all areas of hair :)

When you are colouring, especially when doing it from home from a box, you need to understand the basic concept of your hair's foundation and this picture above is perfect for explaining this. Above is Every Hair colour range's Base colour chart. Going from Base 1 which is black to Base 10 Extra Light blonde. This is based on your natural hair colour. Now each base has different undertones, For example bases 1- 4 are your darkest bases. If  you were to strip the colour ( when you are bleaching ) You may now that in order to get it to a lighter base, It needs to strip through the undertone which is why people's hair can go red, to a brassy orange to a orangey yellow. With the higher bases it has little to no warm tones and has more ash tones which eliminate the colours like red, orange and yellow. This is why salons use toners, that are ash based, or we recommend silver shampoo because they will take out the warmth leaving you with a more pure blonde. 

So how can you ( i ) as a dark haired beauty get my hair light in order for the brighter colours to show better. ( we all know someone or have tried it ourselves where you put a colour on and it doesn't take ) The answer is Bleach. Bleach strips the hair of protein, colour and basically everything. You may find when bleaching, the hair texture changes, it becomes rough where the cuticle is now dry and not laying flat to give a smooth surface. You may also find its stretchy, This is your hairs elasticity and eventually if you don't put moisture and protein back into the hair, it will snap and break. Bleaching is not putting a colour onto your hair. Bleaching is STRIPPINGyour hair. 

I'm sure you have all heard of Peroxide. You might see it on your DIY home bleach kits to purchase with bleach powder. It comes in different strengths normally 20vol, 30vol, and 40vol. The easiest way to know which one to get is by looking back at that chart. My hair Currently, at the roots is probably a 4 naturally. Its a brown but not too dark with warm tones in, its rather bland and has ash in it so a base 4 is my natural shade. On the ends I have had previously Crazy colour Fire Red and then put a black over it and its now fading. So the ends have a red tindge to them but my Mid- length to ends have the build up of black so we will call it a base 3 as its washed out quite a bit, but is still dark. Now my goal colour is a 7-9 because I'm not keeping it blonde, but I do want to take out as much of the brassyness as I can, Putting Green or purple on an orangey blonde WILL effect the colour results so getting it as light blonde as possible will ensure I get the most vibrant and true colours. IF I was putting a red or that bright burgundy that I showed a picture of above on my hair, Then I could easilly lift it to a base 5-7 and the colour would be a redy orange, well this is perfect for the burgundy colour to sit on but I hope to get it as light as possible so the colour I put on is as bright as possible. Think of the 20, 30 and 40 vol and levels, so the 20 vol will lift it 2 base levels, 30 vol will lift it 3 and 40 vol will lift it 4. This is the average guide in a salon but of course, we are lucky enough to have all the toners at our fingertips to mix to ensure you leave with the right shade. So if we have just called my ends A base 3 with 40vol, I could potentially get it to a base 7 which will be similar to this warmer blonde colour.

After using this I plan on using a silver shampoo ( looks purple, as the purple will neutralise the orange ) and help give me a lighter blonde so I'm ready to put what colour on I decide. This of course will give me time to make sure I can put some treatments on. My favourite being Kerestase Aqua Oleum or their bain de force range ( green one ) which helps restore protein in the hair. For a highstreet alternative I'd recommend L'Oreal Elivive Full Restore 5 conditioning mask in the white and red packaging which comes in a little tub. I use it as a normal conditioner as I have dry thick hair from all the colouring I do but for anyone with normal hair that's in a good condition, avoid using alot of this or putting it on your roots, focus it mid-lengths to ends and rinse well or you will find its oily for you.

I hope this had made sense and given you guys a bit of background knowledge to help understand about bleaching hair and what I'll be doing later :) If you do have any questions, please feel free to pop them below in a comment, no question is a silly one and I'm always happy to know people are reading! :D

Take care beauties! MWAH x


  1. I think that the ombre lilac or indigo would look so nice.. I think it's the perfect colour to go with dark or black hair and will look lovely once you've volumised and curled/waved it :) Loving all of the looks you suit so many!
    Jo xxx

    1. Thanks for commenting Joanne! I do LOVE the ombrte indigo and lilac, though would mean losing alot of my black or being a block of indigo and then a block of lilac... Ideally like bleached ombre pic, I just want to do the ends, no more then say 2 and a half inches. Don't want it to look like a half head dip dye... ahh I just don't know!

  2. Ahhhh why did I come on this post??!! It is 1:32 am and I'm supposed to be asleep but this has just reminded me that I have 2 packs of bleach and a pack of teal dip dye that has been sitting there for over a month...I am so tempted to do a dye job right now!! I love how you experiment with your hair, I'm slightly obsessed with colours so this kinda stuff gets me all hyped....I think the lilac, or the pink shade would look so pretty on you and you can get away with only having the ends that shade too rather than having to bring it way up your hair...can't wait to see what you actually do :-)


    1. omg yum TEAL! I bet it would look amazeballs. Thankyou for the lovely compliment, I love changing my hair! Thanks so much for commenting darling :)


  3. I love the last two "past" photos of yourself. So pretty. I think your hair is gorgeous now but you would suit the purple/lilac anyways.

    Rachael x
    All The Little Things x | Rachael McClenaghan

  4. Green is a pretty and color and some people do look good with it in their hair. That's when it's intentional ;-)


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