15 November 2013

Love the skin You're in | OOTD

Before I get started I just want to say a HUGE thankyou for all the comments on my last OOTD post. It was overwhelming, Also I have now just gone over 100 bloglovin followers and will be doing a mini giveaway on sunday to say Thank you!

This is now week 2 of Fat and Fabulous Friday and thought what better way then to mix it with a plus size OOTD too!

Anyone that knows me or has me as a friend on facebook ( my personal one that is ) knows that I HATE having my picture taken. As a plus / fat / chubby / curvy, whatever you wish to call it, woman. You can bet your sweet potatoes that I don't like my double chin in pictures. This would ultimately mean I hate any pictures I was tagged, or if someone else is taking the picture I'd automatically think I would look ghastly, there was always someone using the wrong angle and it looked more of a prop keeping my face up then a chin. So like most women with a double chin, I was always a fan of the " Myspace photo " angle where you hold the phone or camera above your head and look up at it like the picture of Me and Mr Beard above.. This would rid of any or most of a double chin and i'd always prefer pictures like this. But see, when everyone looks at me and sees me, they don't see me at that angle, they see me head on, meaning they see my double chin. So why was I trying to hide it? It was because I thought having it made me look fat. It was because I associated being fat with being ugly.

It was a case of training how I looked at myself. I've been told many a time I have a " pretty face for a larger lady ".. which is a WHOLE other blog post, but disguising my double chin in photos, isn't possible in real life aside using makeup tricks that only do so much, so the only option is to stop looking at it as this ugly trait. I promise you, once you can start to look past it, you'll be criticizing your pictures less! No more scrolling through facebook cringing asking people to take down certain pictures because its unflattering.

Stop it. Love the skin you are in. You. Are. Beautiful.

Easier said than done you say? 

Well you are quite right. So I decided to spend my morning getting all cute for you and made Mr Beard  take some pictures and THIS time, to his shock, I made sure he didn't hold the camera high to help disguise my double chin like he knows I like. I told him to take them face on, in all my glory and just snap away. Now I admit, I was nervous, I wanted to practise what I was preaching and I was dreading how the pictures would turn out, but when I saw them I just smiled and I knew I was going to be taking some really nice pictures that I'd be happy with and confident with in all my double chinny glory :P

Now without sounding big-headed, I know I'm a big girl but I think I look adorable in these pictures and more importantly, I felt adorable. I looked at each picture, and I just looked past and embraced my chin(s). That was all the confidence I needed to give me a spring in my step for the day! 

So ladies, my double, treble or wobbly turkey chinned beauties. I hope you will just try getting pretty, putting on some makeup and do your hair, slip on something you feel comfortable and pretty in and just take a picture, face on, in all your chinny glory and look past your double chin or anything else you are scrutinizing with your face. Remember to love the skin you are in..


My whole outfit from Head to Toe :

Hair - Kerestase Oleo Curl ( I have naturally curly hair )
Face - Mac Studio fix+ foundation in NC41, Sleek blush in Rosegold, Eyes - Body Shop Shimmer cubers palette 06, Lips - Mac lipstick in politely with Loreals 203 rock'n mauve on top.
Jumper - Newlook Inspire
Leggings - George Asda
Shoes - Primark
Bag - Newlook
Necklace - Snake chain from Amazon with a Pandora Heart charm
Midi rings - Primark.

And lastly, like last week, here are a few motivational pictures I liked this week!

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  1. Love the quotes and your sweater is just awesome!

    Love Bodil,

  2. A beautiful woman, a beautiful blog :)
    ♥ Bine

  3. motivational posts are always inspiring. They always cheer me up!

  4. I love how you embrace your curviness!
    What I like about motivational posts: they make people feel better xx


  5. Its important for everyone to accept themselves the way they are. It's hard but it's one of the most important things to do, for yourself, in life. To know that you'll never be perfect but choosing to love yourself anyway. Realizing that you're worth it no matter what. And motivational posts always help on the journey there.




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