27 November 2013

Fatbeautyx hits youtube!

 It's no secret that there are already thousands of beautiful and expert youtubers online giving you their experience, advice and opinions and I think anyone trying to get into the youtube " scene " to make money or get loads of followers, is probably not going to do so well, but someone like myself who is making the videos for the sheer love of it might make a small difference. 

I know I have done some embarrassing searches on youtube, be it for help with cellulite or trying to hide a double chin, and as a fat woman, I want to see other large women, I want to see their tips and tricks and style so that I can be inspired, and I felt there was a gap, A little fatbeautyx shaped whole in youtube for that area. As a confident plus size woman, I am always trying new things and I want to share them with you. I want to blog about my makeup and my beauty products and put to use my hair knowledge from working in the salons, talking about products and how to achieve certain styles and ultimately I want to do it all in all my plus size wobbly chubby glory in video on youtube for you all to see. 

Now lets face it. I'm not going to be everyones cup of tea and that's fine. You might be a Coffee Drinker :P But for any of you beauty/ fashion / lifestyle enthusiasts that are looking for channel like mine, by a woman like me who is Real, honest and down to earth making videos with her fashion and beauty items and all that other great stuff, then please may I point you in the direction of my new Youtube Channel. 

There is already going to be a post every day of December using my Boots Beuaty Advent calender as I thought that was a great way to introduce myself to my channel with videos, and after that, well.. you will just have to subscribe to see :D


  1. Best of luck! Hoping to see lots of your videos in the future! You're a lovely person to chat/listen to. :)

    Olivia Beauty from the Fjord xxx

    1. Thanks so much Olivia! Your comment means alot to me! You're a lovely person to chat / listen to too. I almost wished the 5 of us had more time yesterday, was so lovely talking to like-minded people that were as passionate about their blogs and its content and all the little tips! It's like a new group of friends that you feel like you've known for ages!



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