22 November 2013

Fat And Fabulous | Fat acceptance

** Warning this is a very honest, non sugar-coated real post.

Fat, Obese, Large, Curvy, Big Boned, Plus size,  Heavy, Chunky, Big, Plump, Oversized, Overweight, Ugly.

These are many words used to describe me or typically someone who doesn't conform to how society wants me to look. Lets play a little game, Hands up who was offended by any of those words above, If you read them and thought negatively or if you were put off by any of them.  Hands up who has ever been called any of the words above.

I couldn't tell you the amount of times, someone has used a number of those words to try and hurt me, Either in an argument, or if they were trying be spiteful, even people I thought were friends have called me these both to my face and behind my back. It was words like those above that dented my confidence growing up, and it was words like those above that made me scared to be naked in front of a boy. It's probably why I didn't think I even deserved a boyfriend growing up. It was a lot easier to mock the chubby kid then it was to deal with your own problems. I think that's when it started for me. When I associated words like fat, in a negative way. If you are fat, you get bullied, so it must be wrong to be fat. I got called Ugly, It must be because I was fat! What else was I suppose to think, I was only a teenager.


 I can remember not going to my school Prom because I didn't think I'd find a dress that fitted me, I didn't think anyone would want to dance with me.( This was almost 10 years ago so there weren't as many options for fashion like there are now!  ) I look at some of the clothes available and I wish I was a teenager now. So many more flattering things for a larger woman like myself. I'd of rocked my curves and not given a monkeys, but I guess its easy to say that now because I'm happy with myself.

I used to always think, If I pointed out all my flaws first, people couldn't use them to hurt me. I'd make a fat joke using myself as the punchline so it took the sting out if someone else tried to use it. It almost seemed unoriginal to call the fat girl fat after shes just pointed it out!

Fat is an adjective. Not an insult.
There shouldn't be an OUNCE of insult taken when this word is used. It's no different then someone calling me brunette, or brown eyed, or white, or short! I do have a fat body. I embrace that word just like I embrace my body. If I didn't want to be fat. I'd diet!
I will no longer let someone use that word to hurt me.
Fat is an adjective. Not an insult.


Fat is not synonymous with unattractive.
Don't associate being fat with being ugly. Your body may have fat, but YOU are not fat. that is all. Beauty comes in all shapes and sizes. As far as I'm concerned, Happiness should not be dictated by what the scales tell us, or what size jeans we can fit into.
Fat is not synonymous with unattractive.
Fat is not a feeling.
I wonder how many of us may have a bad day at work, remember we promised our friend we would go out for a drink, or a night out on the town for a dance or whatever you crazy kids reading like to get up too. How many of us have thought we cant be bothered because we are feeling exceptionally fat today.
Fat is not a feeling.

I pledge to myself :

I accept my body in all of its glory. With all my wobbly bits, my Buddha belly, my stretch marks, my one boob that's slightly bigger then the other, my forever rubbing thighs. ALL of it. It's mine.
When the time comes, and I want to change it, whether its putting a tattoo on it, or a piercing through it, or the shape of it, I'll do it on my terms, to suit how I want it to look, until I'm happy with it.
I'll stop calling myself a beached whale when I'm having a bad day and am taking it out on myself.
I'll carry on with my Fat acceptance because with everyday I feel more beautiful then the last. I am beautiful, because I feel beautiful, I don't " feel fat " anymore. I know I have fat. I'm still beautiful too :)

Will you make a pledge to yourself ?  Why don't you leave them below for others to be inspired by!


  1. One word! Inspiration. Go on Lucie - you tell 'em. I really love this post. Everyone is beautiful in there own way. We might not be happy with ourselves sometimes but we learn to deal with it ourselves and the likes of the people with their foul-mouthed words trying to shoot us down - ain't happening. It helps when your family and friends and specially your boyfriend love you for who you are, respect you for you. That is something that made me realisr to not let people get me down!
    +1'd! Great post Lucie. Thank you for it. Made my day!

    Rachael x
    All The Little Things x | Rachael McClenaghan

  2. :D
    Rachel, thankyou SO much for taking the time to comment! I can promise you, its made my day knowing its made your day ( does that sound cheesy? SO BE IT! )

    I'm so so lucky to have such a loving boyfriend and best friend that inspire me to love myself. I'm so pleased you liked this post and that you could relate to it! I hope many will read this and finish with a smile on their face and a sense of determination! xxx

  3. Hey I nominated you for the Liebster Award! Info in my blog post :)


  4. I am in love with this post! It honestly made my day :) - Lucille


  5. I think you are a brave woman for posting this, honestly. I think you are a lovely person and I think more girls need to accept their body and love it for what it is. Everyone is beautiful no matter what size you are and you are NO exception. I really enjoyed meeting you and hope we can all meet up soon! xxxx

    1. Thankyou so much Samantha! Love your comment! It was so lovely meeting you too and I really hope we can all get together again soon!!

      Going to have to put up a post about it as I managed to get a couple pictures! shame we didnt do a group shot at the end! Next time deffo!


    2. Going to put up my post tomorrow, feel free to use my photos :) I only took a couple though as most were blurry haha xxx


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