Bout' to bag it up!

27 January 2015

I am obsessed with bags. All the different styles, shapes and colours. They are an extension of any outfit and most of the time, being the bag whore I am, I've been known to base an entire look just around a bag. Here are some bags I'm loving at the moment! 

Colourchase Cosmetics + Giveaway!

26 January 2015

There will always be those girls that like to match their nail polish to a bag or a bit of jewellery and Colourchase have made sure we've got our lips covered..


23 January 2015

When I think of what I want from a bra, I think of support, comfort, a cute design and an epic cleavage! These are the 4 key things I want when I'm buying but for almost a year now, the first thing that's important is ' Is it from Curvy Kate? ' because that's all my boobs want now...

Spa Seekers - My Spa Nomination

20 January 2015

I always find in the New Year I'm very 'me' focused and I'm thinking about things I need to do for myself, saving money, going to the gym and of course pampering myself and I don't think I stop to think about anyone else so I'm just LOVING the idea from Spa Seekers with their #MySpaNomination, to nominate a friend to win a luxury spa break for two!