20 September 2014

Kiko Lipstick in 814 Glam Magenta | Beauty

Kiko Lipstick in 814 Glam Magenta swatch & Review

Kiko Lipstick in 814 Glam Magenta swatch & Review

Kiko Lipstick in 814 Glam Magenta swatch & Review

Kiko Lipstick in 814 Glam Magenta swatch & Review
(sorry, I had my hair laser surgery the day before this was taken so my skins broken out a bit!)

After being introduced to the brand Kiko, It's safe to say I have more makeup by this brand than any other. The prices are amazing, I find the lipsticks great, the nail polish colour collection like no other and don't even get me started on the eye shadows both quads and singles! Today I wanted to talk about the Ultra Glossy Stylo with SPF15 in the shade 814 Glam Magenta | Link. Don't let the dark colour scare you, the Ultra glossy lipsticks aren't quite as pigmented as they look but glide onto the lips like a Butter satin gloss and have a high shine. I found after eating and drinking the colour faded after about 2-3 hours but could still feel  lipstick on my lips when blotted together. At £4.90 a pop it's hardly going to break the bank and is perfect to just chuck in the bag to reapply in a few hours. Out of the 21 shades in the Ultra Glossy lipsticks range I only have this one but this is by far my favourite!

Have you tried any of the Kiko lipsticks?

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16 September 2014

Christmas International Beauty Box Swap 2014

Now I know its a bit early to be chucking around the C word, But Christmas is only 100 sleeps away now and I don't know about you guys, But I'm planning already!

After hosting a Valentines Beauty Box swap this year that went down a treat, I decided that this Christmas I wanted to host another, only this time it would be International! So for all those beauty obsessed that are looking for an extra special beauty treat under their tree this year, Beauty Box Swap is just for you!

You will be asked your preference when commenting and given the choice of 

 International swapping only 
Those only wishing to take part if they get to swap Internationally. (choose this option wisely)

 International preferred 
 Those that would prefer to swap Internationally but would still be happy to take part and swap in the same Country. 

Any Box 
Happy with any box, Just as long as they can take part!

How it works

It's simple, The Budget is £20 / $30 to take part. This factors in exchange rates and does not include postage. After following the requirements detailed below, Leave a comment stating your Name, Email Address, Where you live and your swapping preference with a "International Only / International Preferred / Any Box. I will be emailing everyone to obtain certain information to ensure I'm paring you up with your best suited swapper! 

On the 1st December I will email you all your Swapper's details and you will have a few weeks to shop for them and get your box sent out so it arrives before Christmas, It's at this time if you selected International Only, You will find out if there was enough people worldwide taking part for you to swap with, so please pick that option wisely!

Sounds fun right? So how do you take part?

Follow Me on GFC (here) Bloglovin (here) & twitter (here) & Give this post on bloglovin a heart to attract more people to it! Remember the more taking part, The more chances of International swapping!

Press this Tweet Button below and Re-Tweet to all your followers about #XmasBeautyBoxSwap14 & get them involved too! ( Do this as many times as you want, Everyday if you like! )

Tweet: I Just Entered the International #XmasBeautyBoxSwap14 with @fatbeautyx & You can too #bbloggers #beautychat #fblchat

Lastly, leave your comment below with your Name, Email & Swapping Preference after completing the above following requirements, Then I can contact you to confirm your taking part & get your details!

The Small Print :
- This is an INTERNATIONAL box swap.
- The price limit is £20 / $30 or as close to the penny / cent, many bloggers have taken part in box swaps and not received items to the set limit, but instead half the limit. Please, put thought into your gifts as you would want YOUR swapper to do for you! 

So what are you waiting for! Sign up today and get ready to spoil and be spoilt!

For any taking part, please feel free to add the banner above to your website to help spread the word!

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13 September 2014

Amplified Craving Lipstic by MAC | Beauty

I can safely say with the utmost confidence, with little to no effort I might add, I have found my AW14 lipstick of choice and wont be seeing a lipstick purchase this side of Christmas. I've rocked out in brights and faffed about with nudes but the shade I am craving no pun intended is infact MAC Craving | link which is a Creme Amplified Lipstick. I was jammy enough to pick this up for a whopping £13 from ( SHOUTOUT :P ) For those of you that haven't experienced the love that is Cohorted, To sum the site up, They have products that go on sale that start at their RRP, The more people that show interest and buy one, The more discount is applied and the product becomes cheaper, There is a maximum discount that can be applied to the product and they only have X amount of an item so once its gone its gone. I managed to get one of the last few of this and was happy to save a few pennies in the process!

This colour is just perfect. It's a warm cool mahogany tone and I love everything about it. I'm always a fan of the creme lipsticks of MACs so it was a match made in heaven when I applied it. 

There was alot of hype over Kylie Jenner's gorgeous turquoise dip-dyed bob pictures on her Instagram and I saw loads of people asking on twitter what lipstick she was wearing or something similar and when I bought this lipstick I had that look in mind and If I'm honest, I think its a pretty good match! 

Products used:
 MAC Studio Fix Foundation SPF15 in NC42 | Link 
 MAC Amplified Lipstick in Craving | Link 
 Eylure Volume no107 false lashes | Link 
Naked 3 palette | Link 
Charles Worthington Zolume & Bounce Texturising Spray | Link 

Have you found your AW14 Lipstick shade yet?

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