28 July 2014

Lifes a Beach..| Life Update #1

Hello beauties,

I think I need a holiday.. Life seems to be kicking my ass at the moment and I could really use a break. Just a place I can switch off and relax...

I wanted to do a little chinwag post as I've got lots going on and its all getting a bit much. Despite this being my blog and personal space to pretty much post what I want, I've got this uncanny nack for always wanting to be a people pleaser, and with that means living in this ideal world where I need to post several times a week with these amazing pictures and well written posts because nobody wants to read boring posts that go into detail and help enable a purchase (or save you pennies if my post can help you see its not for you!), But as much as I want to do it all, there just isn't enough hours in my day. I'm sure I'm not alone in the feeling but gosh is it horrible rutt to get out of.

I recently started slimming world, So I'm spending a lot of my time getting my head around the diet and being pro-active with making meals to take to work as I need to take breakfast, lunch and dinner due to the long shifts I do. It's hard, Getting up earlier to cook and getting home late and finding the energy to cook, But I've been doing it and had a great first week, I just know how easy it is to fall back into my old routine so A LOT of my time is going on my new diet and healthier lifestyle...

Work is also taking up a lot of my time. I'm sure I've said it loads of times but I work as a manager in a betting shop and I work 8.30 - 8pm, 5 days a week and it literally just drains me. Granted, It pays for most of my lovely clothes and makeup so its a bit of a catch 22 haha, But I can only do so much blog stuff at work, Things like filming and picture taking I need to do at home when I'm in " The Zone" haha yes I know you know what I mean.

Also, The last thing that's been taking up the majority of my time while I'm at home is the New Youtube series I started called Sample Sunday! It's a fun series that means I get to get on cam and video using a product and you get to see me in my environment being the general nutter I am, And I love that my banterfull, sarcastic side comes out and I've really felt comfortable in front of my camera talking to my whopping growing number of subscribers ( I LOVE YOU GUYS). But the past 2 weeks with life taking an unexpected turn, Not to mention juggling my 57.5 hour working week, I found myself not being able to record, edit and upload the videos and I tell you what, The pressure I've been putting on myself, worrying and stressing. It's just not good and I don't want to ever get to the point where I'm thinking about my blog or videos in a negative way. Talking about beauty, fashion, confidence are things that are personal to me and I'm passionate about them and if/when the day comes where I huff and puff about talking about a lipstick, Well, That will be the day I just take a step back and remind myself why I started blogging.

I've decided with all the things I'm jamming into my life, Somethings got to give and something needs to make room for more time taking photos for blog posts and content, And seeing as I cant quit my job, And I'm not quite ready to dump my bf or stop eating any time soon, I've decided to stop my Sample Sunday videos for the time being, In the hopes it gives me more time to focus on my posts. This isn't to say I wont be doing videos, Don't worry, Your crazy girl is very much still doing them. I just don't have alot of free time at the moment so I want to focus it all on my blog posts.

So seeing as I'm focusing on my blog posts, Here's where YOU have a say in what you'd like to see more of..

What would you like to see on my blog? ( multiple click )
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25 July 2014

Jammin' In my Jumpsuit this Summer with Simply Be!

 My Storm from Xmen impression... ha

Oh no! Not another brightly coloured item of clothing! haha, Yes we are in FULL Summer mode and I've done nothing but shop for more summer essentials and this AMAZING Simply Be Jersy Floral Jumpsuit jumped right into my shopping basket and I haven't looked back, I've only looked bloomin' Lush if I do say so myself.

As always, I'm a fatty. Lets not pretend I'm not, BUT I am pretty happy to be sporting a jumpsuit for the first time EVER, and I must of hit the jackpot because the fit was just amazing. Being a larger woman, This isn't a sentance I'm used to saying. I've got large thighs, hips, A tummy and a bum so when sizing as I'm sure you can imagine, One must cater with all these in mind and Simply Be has got the sizing of this down to a TEE! I think if I lost a bit of my tummy, I'd look EPIC buttt aside the gut hanging out, I like to wear my " I don't give a F*ck " attitude to go with it :D

I'm in love with EVERYTHING about this. The vibrant print - the floral is just gorgeous, the shape ( I love that it has big pockets! ) I think personally, If I was more paranoid about my tummy sticking out, I could of potentially sized up, But I'm only 5'3 with diddy legs and short T-Rex arms so I think any bigger and I'd of been scuffing it on the floor ANDDDDDD We all know that I embrace my wobbly bits so the Size 24 is fine for me. I had to couple it with my Bright pink Neon Bag from Chunky Cat Cuddler, Because wearing a bright ass colourful jumpsuit just isn't enough :P

What do we think? 
What outfits jumped into your basket this month?
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23 July 2014

Facial Hair, I don't Care! - Ask me Questions!

Hi lovelies, If you have been following me for a while, You would of seen I started a series, called " Not by the hair on my chinny chin chin" and for anyone else who suffers with POS or in general, Unwanted Facial hair,You will know the hardships in covering it, masking it over and smothering your face in makeup to hide it. I wish I could go back in time and tell myself to ignore the bullies, Ignore the long stares, Ignore it all and not shave any of it but... sadly, I wasn't the confident loud lady you've all come to know & hopefully love on Fatbeautyx and suffice to say, have been paying for it ever since.

The first installment of the series can be found here where I Show some pretty graphic pictures of my hair and my unfortunate experience with stubble, facial hair and all the lumps bumps and rashes that come from trying to maintain it. Along side the post one of my first videos was how I acheive a flawless face of makeup, Which has got over 3,000 views and over 90 thumbs up which I personally think thats awesome ;x I am so thankful to say that my routine has changed and I no longer need to go to the lengths I did now I'm under going laser surgery. Here are some of the pictures to give you an idea..

As far as I know, There are little to no bloggers talking about this and I thought I'd put myself out there and let you guys ask any questions you may have, be it about the laser surgery, How I managed to get it on the NHS? , How it feels?/ Is it painful?, The process?, Or any questions I can ask the amazing staff at the Sk:n Clinic I go too. 

I hope to do a huge updated video talking about it, about all of it really, as I've had 4 sessions now and I'm going to my 5th today! Hopefully some of you feel brave enough to step forward and ask anything, otherwise you can tweet me at @fatbeautyx or email me the questions to fatbeautyx@gmail.com and then I can answer as many of them as I can in the video or - if there are a few, then over a few videos :)

Obviously if you lovely lot just want me to ramble on about it then thats fine too :P Either way, I wanted to doument it and show you all the pictures I've taken so far and be as open and honest about the whole process in the hopes it might help some of you not suffer in silence like I did.

Do you Struggle with unwanted facial hair?

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